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Home for the Holidays Collection


sneak preview of the Home for the Holidays Collection
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Are you searching for meaningful activity in an increasingly digital world?

Knitting fills that sweet spot, combining the utter relaxation of being still and present, and the joy of creating art with your own hands.

Knit by yourself, knit with friends, knit in public, knit in private. The act of knitting connects you to people around the globe and stretching for centuries.

At Kari’s Kits, we honor the process of knitting. We believe that anyone can learn to knit. We would never say “you’re doing it wrong!” (as we’ve heard other teachers exclaim.) Our kits are all-inclusive. They contain everything you need to create a beautiful, wearable work of art – for yourself or a lucky friend.

“You made that yourself?!”

Kari’s Kits are designed thoughtfully from start to finish.

  • Beautiful, high-quality yarns in natural materials like cotton, linen, cashmere, and merino wool
  • Knitting needles made from bamboo, a renewable resource that also happens to  feel warm and comfortable in your hands
  • Patterns are provided in print, in full-color, and via PDF, electronically, so you can follow them in whichever format best suits you
  • All accessories are included, so you don’t have to run out to the store to get that one button!
  • E-mail support available from Kari herself – all your questions answered promptly and politely

Learn to knit with Kari’s Kits

Download a step-by-step ebook here – over 75 photos illustrate the basics of casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off.

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