Ebook Learn to Knit – for the brand new beginner

Learn to knit ebook cover

Our first ebook, Learn to Knit, is a photo-based, step-by-step road map to the fundamental skills of knitting. Even if you’ve never held a pair of knitting needles before, you’ll find success with this valuable resource. Learn how to make a slip knot; add stitches to the needle using the knitted cast-on; knit; purl; and bind off.

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Learn to Knit is a resource you will turn to again and again. It’s perfect for visual learners, brand-new knitters, and knitting teachers alike.

Author Kari Capone has taught hundreds of students to knit – from ages 7 to 77 – and she uses her experience to break down the process of knitting step by step.

Armed with yarn, needles, and Learn to Knit, readers will learn the following skills:
-Making a slip knot
-Casting on
-The knit stitch
-The purl stitch
-Binding off, and
-Finishing the knitted piece.

Capone’s casual, friendly writing style engages the learner, and eases the nerves that commonly occur when learning a new skill. Over seventy-five full-color photographs illustrate the art of knitting step by step.
If you’ve ever wished you could see a stop-action rendition of a how-to-knit video tutorial,  then Learn to Knit was created for you.