Envelope purse – Free pattern – tee shirt yarns

The envelope purse – SWAK (sealed with a knit)

So often my favorite designs emerge from a different place than I expect. When I’m in a design mode, free-flowing and creative, I’m receptive to numerous ideas. Ninety percent of them are never pursued, but once in a while, one sticks.

envelope purse with red button closure

Our main theme in July is working with tee-shirt yarn.

I knew I wanted to include a cushion cover among the free patterns for you. I began by casting on 25 stitches and working in seed stitch, using Katia’s Big Ribbon yarn in gray.

As I neared the end of the ball of gray, I looked at the sweet little square before me. Turned it this way and that. Then, with a fold here and a fold there, the envelope purse was born.

The cushion pattern will come out next week! But in the meantime, the envelope purse turned out so cute. I just had to sneak in an extra pattern for you.

If you don’t have tee shirt yarn handy and want to try this with worsted-weight or even finer yarn, then you will have made yourself a lovely little change purse!

Download the Free Pattern Here!

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