How to Knit Beginner Basics – Video Tutorials

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Backwards loop cast on

Make a tiny teardrop with the wool; push a loop through the teardrop you’ve just made; pull on ends to tighten. Insert needle into the loop. This is your first stitch.

The backward loop cast on is sometimes called the “thumb method” (although I use my index finger!) It’s fine for squishy chunky wool like we use in this video. It’s not so great for thinner wool, because the stitches can get too tight.

Slip knot, followed by a knitted cast on

There are a few benefits to this kind of casting on. First, you use the same motions as the knitting stitch (insert needle; wrap yarn; pull loop forward) – but instead of slipping the stitch off the needle, you add the new loop to the left-hand needle.

You don’t need to guesstimate how much yarn you’ll need for the row, as you would for the long tail cast on.

Long tail cast on
Length of video = under 3 minutes

A note about the cabled cast on

The cabled cast on is very similar to the knitted cast on. The only (subtle) difference is that, instead of inserting the needle in the stitch you’ve just added, you insert the needle between the last two stitches on the needle. Wrap the yarn as usual, and bring the new loop forward, again between the last two stitches. Then add the loop to the left-hand needle. (It sounds more complicated in writing than it actually is… see the video!)

The result is a pretty, cabled edge.

Seed stitch (long video)
Length of video = Ten minutes
This is a long video, and there’s no audio feed, which gives one the feeling of watching paint dry! However, it’s exactly the kind of clear instruction I’d provide if we were meeting in person. (Note: seed stitch is also called “Moss Stitch”.)

Seed stitch (short video)
If you only want a quick and dirty version, try this excerpt, from 1:10 to 1:50.


How to switch colors at the beginning of a new row

(and, how to carry the first color up to make stripes)

How to switch colors at the beginning of a new row
Length of video = under 2 minutes

Making a seam using the whip stitch

How to weave in ends
Length of video = under 3 minutes
Kari’s Kits that use this technique: Get ‘er Clean Washcloth

How to join the two ends of your work using a tapestry needle or crochet hook
Length of video = under 5 minutes

How to pick up a dropped stitch