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When you support Kari’s Kits, you enjoy beautiful products worthy of the most creative spirit.

The seeds of my business were actually planted years ago when I was first “learning to knit” (I use the term loosely!)

My great-aunt provided the bright teal Red Heart acrylic yarn and the sticky plastic needles.

I managed to make a slip knot without too much difficulty. But I was immediately confused by the long-tail cast-on.

Aunt Mary couldn’t slow down the movements, ingrained as they were in her muscle memory. She finally took pity on me and cast on so I could learn the knit stitch.

“Awkward” doesn’t begin to describe my early attempts.

My elbows stuck out at unnatural angles. My tongue crept out as I concentrated. My right angle flexed sporadically, as though that would help me catch the stubborn loops of yarn.

During the plane ride from Florida to New York (this was long before 9/11, and knitting on the plane was no big deal) I tried to knit without bumping into the drink cart or the other passengers.

At home – this was before YouTube too! – I tried to learn from esoteric black-and-white illustrations at the back of old knitting books and magazines.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son that I decided I MUST learn to make a baby sweater. A woman at church took pity on me and showed me how to purl. (Yes. I had been working solely in garter stitch for over two years.)

It’s my vision to save you the hours, and weeks, even years – if you’re a slow learner like I am – of confusion and frustration that I experienced. Since 2008, I’ve taught hundreds of children and adults the pleasures of knitting. From all walks of life, no matter their previous experience, they are able to master the basics in under an hour.

With Kari’s Kits, you can experience and enjoy the same mastery (even if you don’t live close enough to stop by and join me for some coffee.)


Kari’s Kits celebrated its 3-year anniversary in June 2018. We could not have done this without you!