Knitters Unwind

An online community of women supporting each other with sticks & string!


“I want to make meaningful connections with other women in my life!”

knitters unwind community

Time to Unwind

Do you put everyone else’s needs before your own?

  • Your kids
  • Your partner
  • Your boss & coworkers

Take some time for yourself for a change – it’s “Girls Night In”!

The first meeting of every month is our Time to Unwind night. Grab a cup of tea, your knitting project, and join our video call. We catch up on each other’s lives, tell stories that will make you cry with laughter, and talk about knitting fails. 🙂

“How do you decide which project to do next?”

“I’m only a beginner, is that OK?”

“Can you help me read this pattern?”

knitters unwind community

Creative Community

A big focus for us is making the MOST of the precious knitting time you have. Each month we have a second group meeting – this one focusing on all things knitting.

Although we love our Pinterest-worthy lace-shawl-creating sisters, that’s NOT what this group is about. We are about the PROCESS of knitting before the PRODUCT.

The result is that – instead of worrying that you’re “behind” on a project – you’ll have a built-in support network of knitters who appreciate growth over being judgy.

“Knitting connects us in the midst of a world that’s trying to divide us.”

knitters unwind

Meaningful connections

In Knitters Unwind, the next thing we do is invite you to our private Facebook group. It’s a smaller, more intimate setting where you can connect with other members and go deeper on the topics we discuss in our large group meetings.

Not into Facebook? No problem! We’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing and keep you up to speed via e-mail.

knitters unwind

Kari is incredibly warm. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious.

She was exactly what I needed, I felt like I had my own personal cheerleader.

Elisa N.

I absolutely feel like I can relate to everyone in the group, and I love that we all just showed up “as is,” and talked away.  You moderated it so well, and I felt like we all had a chance to speak, but also there was some free space where things could just roll.  You seem to be cut out for this!

So, [at first] I think we all had our guards up a bit…you know, cautious…but by the end [it was like] we were just sitting around in a living room with some tea and chatting.

Amy B.