Knitting patterns for people who hate patterns

knitting patterns flowchart

“Knitting patterns stress me out,” my friend Marcia confessed to me recently. “No matter how many times I try working from a pattern, I’m worried it won’t turn out right.”

I understand her frustration, because I have felt the same way. I’ve worried that the knitting judges will come by and cart me away.

Some of us are chart and checklist nerds. When we find a tricky knitting pattern, we analyze it carefully. We print out spreadsheets and color code the sections. We have flow charts on the walls.

That may not be you.

We write knitting patterns for people who hate knitting patterns.

I keep it to one page only, as much as possible, and especially for beginning knitters.

I always include lots of photos, both in print and online, so you can see what the project is supposed to look like.

I also provide e-mail support for every single pattern. And I’ve had other knitters market-test each pattern so we can answer as many questions as possible ahead of time.

That’s why our dishcloth kits are so perfect. Utterly customizable, and impossible to make a mistake. Mistake? Huh! We call it a design feature. No knitting judges here.


Learn more about the Knitting 101 Collection!

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