Nail picker confessions – my bad habit exposed

I haven’t always been a nail picker. When I was a teenager, I had this whole routine for doing my nails. I must have read how to do it in a magazine or something, and I remember the routine clearly.

My nail care routine

  • Rub baby oil in the cuticles
  • Use an orangewood stick to gently push the cuticles back
  • File gently in one direction, not sawing back and forth, to remove rough edges
  • Buff 20 times per nail, until they gleam like little moons

My grandmother said, admiringly, that it looked as though my cuticles were carved from marble.

Grammy’d be horrified today at the state of my nails (yes, she’d care, and yes, she’d judge.) I pick at my nails when I’m nervous, when I’m bored, when I’m anxious — it’s a habit I’m rarely able to kick.

One of the numerous side benefits of knitting is that I’m too busy to pick at my poor nails. Being a nail picker, I don’t film videos as frequently as I’d like, because the camera adds ten hangnails.

At one point I spent a small fortune at the nail salon, and had acrylic nails. I didn’t like the unnatural feel of them (although my hands looked beautiful.) Now, when I go to the salon, the manicurist always looks so disappointed in me, or so I imagine, when I order the $12 basic.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Have I simply grown lazy? My 15-year-old self would never allow my nails to look this way. She’d also shave her legs perfectly smooth, having exfoliated her shins ahead of time, and follow up with Victoria’s Secret lotion in Cucumber Melon.

I tell myself “I don’t have time.” Yes, as a teenager I could spend a full hour gazing at my face in the mirror and covering up every zit. But I could – should? – spend more time than I am currently, on upkeep and maintenance 🙂

A final thought — I very, very rarely get the car washed and detailed. Are these things related? Your thoughts please! xoxo

One thought on “Nail picker confessions – my bad habit exposed

  1. My suggestion is what my great aunt did for me as I was learning, she had me do sampler blocks, with different stitches and then helped me put it together for a lap afghan, it was fun, I didn’t get bored because I was learning something new every few days, then had a finished piece that will always bring back fond memories of Aunt Ruth.

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