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Product Spotlight: Joy of Sox Tutorial

product spotlight joy of sox knitting kit

Years ago, when I first met people who knit socks for themselves – and wore them, on their feet! – I balked. Shouldn’t socks be machine-made, factory-made, near disposable?

Then, I knit my very first pair of socks. Made with baby alpaca, in the palest whispery pastels – oh! To wear them indoors was heaven. To walk around in public, knowing I was wearing something so sublime – well, let’s just say handknit socks does wonders for your inner queen.

Call it a soxual awakening.

In April 2017, I taught two colleagues to knit socks. They are fearless women. Jennifer is an advanced beginner, and Rachel is mostly a crocheter.

The first lesson, mastering the toe, was tricky. I wondered aloud whether they’d return for more torture – ahem, teaching. Rachel replied, “In for a penny, in for a pound!”

I wrote the Joy of Sox tutorial toe-up; that is, you make the socks starting at the toes and work your way up. First, because you’ll start with just two needles. You’ll have made the toe before adding a third and a fourth needle. Other patterns that are top-down have you suddenly juggling 4 or 5 needles at a time!

Find your Joy of Sox here.

Product Spotlight: Beginner Mind Knitting Kit

beginner mind kit green feather

Enter the wonderful world of knitting. The Beginner Mind Cowl Knitting Kit is exactly what you need to add creative positive energy in your life. Enjoy mindfulness, peace of mind, clarity, and quiet while you create a beautiful gift.

The Beginner Mind Cowl is at once modern and classic accessory. It’s created using just one stitch – the garter stitch.

Perfect for your niece, who’s gone away to college. Perfect for your neighbor, who’s laid up with a broken leg. Perfect for the monkey-minded among us – yes I’m raising my hand – for whom meditation is a bit TOO still.

Pick up a Beginner Mind Cowl Kit for yourself, and one for a friend, here.

Product Spotlight: State of Grace Scarf

state of grace scarf full back

In July 2018, I met a lovely woman whom I’ll call Grace. She and I were in the same online coaching group together. I had the chance to see our coach Demir work with Grace (and she in turn watched Demir work with me.) We have a few things in common. We’re both single moms with sons; we struggle to communicate with our ex-husbands sometimes; and we are both hard on ourselves, with perfectionist tendencies.

Grace and I struck up a Facebook-messenger relationship (is that a thing now??) I wanted to make a scarf for her that wraps her in comfort, keeps her warm during the Canadian winters, and looks gorgeous against her dark hair.

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore – but it still does, that while knitting the scarf, I feel a sense of peace and calm wash over me. After casting on and the initial increases have been worked, a comforting, familiar pattern and switching back and forth between the two colors makes the project fly by. It practically knits itself, and the mind is free to daydream and relax.

You can purchase the State of Grace scarf here.

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