When a book group and a KAL love each other very much…

Normally, I prefer to fly solo.

I’m not what you would call a joiner. Unless the joining in question is the kitchener stitch.

(Sorry, gratuitous knitting pun.)

When it comes to joining groups: knitalongs (or KALs); book groups; sororities; the Junior League; a bowling league; I immediately get nervous and assume that no one will like me. And/or that I will be the worst one there.

But this Read Along is different. I joined eagerly.

A Read Along, explains designer Heidi Gustad, is when a book group and a knit along have a baby 🙂 The first Read Along was held in the fall of 2016, when Heidi made the move to full-time crochet and design work. She had been working part-time as – can you guess? – a librarian! Heidi has her Masters in Library Science. I love her description of a librarian’s job – really her mission statement:

My job, despite what anyone might think libraries are and do…is just to do my best to help people.

Here are the deets –

From Heidi: “The Read Along is special because on top of all the reading and knitting, we have online tutorials, a virtual discussion group on Ravelry, and an in-person discussion each week throughout the KAL. If you get stuck, your fellow knitters and I are here to help, and if you’re dying to discuss something from the book we’re reading, the rest of us are very here for it. Plus, there’s an online giveaway and in person giveaways for folks who participate! In the fall, we knit and read, and in the spring, it’s crochet’s turn. The Read Along Knit Along & Read Along Crochet Along are always a lot of fun, and every time we do it, the program continues to grow!”

The Read Along runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31. Join us here!

read along project intarsia mountain
Intarsia Mountain, by Heidi Gustad

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