What I’d do every day if I had the time – besides knitting :)

I love reading.

I read fiction constantly as a girl, and I still get lost in a great novel. This is why I don’t read as much anymore; I need my knitting time!

These days, I’m addicted to business books. Or self-help books. Or a hybrid of the two. Like a squirrel, I hoard nuggets of wisdom that I can apply immediately to my day-to-day life.
Earlier this year, I hired a life coach. Actually I hired two life coaches in one – a husband and wife team, Demir and Carey Bentley.
My coaches Demir & Carey LOVE reading time management books. Each time, they have a different โ€œa-ha!โ€ moment that shifts how they approach their lives.
Itโ€™s thanks to these books that they’ve built our own 6-figure business together, work just 20-30 hours per week, and have the freedom to travel around the world. (18 countries and counting!)๐Ÿ—บ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒ‡
Thatโ€™s why I asked them to create these 7 book summaries for you. They’ve taken their favorite time management books and distilled the top takeaways and action steps into short 10 minute videos. These summaries are designed for women who want to learn the very best ways to GET STUFF DONE. โœ…
Bottom line, my favorite thing to do is invest in my own self-improvement. As Ben Franklin said, โ€œan investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.โ€
So grab these FREE book summaries and shortcut your way to increasing your knitting time!! xoxo

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